Nothing About Us Without Us is a collection of stories from self-advocates with Down syndrome, created by Nicki Pombier Berger in collaboration with David Egan and five other self-advocates who shared their perspectives and stories with her in oral history interviews. This project began as Nicki's graduate thesis for her Master of Arts in Oral History Degree at Columbia University, and meeting David and his family was a pivotal moment for her. It was in dialogue with David that Nicki decided to seek a platform where the stories of people with Down syndrome could be shared with an audience that might not hear them otherwise, and this collection on Cowbird was born. David and Nicki continued to share, together and with others, ideas about the power of telling stories in the disability community, co-presenting workshops with family members and self-advocates in Madison, Wisconsin, and Long Island, New York, and co-leading, with Claire Bible, a panel at the Oral History Association Annual Meeting in 2013 in Madison, WI. More information can be found here